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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vive La France

The Sunday Times reports that one of Sarkozy's first acts as the new President of France has been to block plans for a new migrant centre at Sandgatte. That's fantastic news for those of us living in Kent, who found ourselves in the front line before the previous centre was closed in 2002. At that time, Sarkozy was the Interior Minister, with ultimate responsibility for Sandgatte. I've been vindicated in my support for Sarkozy prior to the election!

Such an outbreak of pro-French thinking is uncharacteristic of me! However, my principle objection to the French has never been the people themselves, but their obsession with electing left wing politicians - in which category I include Chirac. So far, it seems that Sarkozy has broken that pattern and I congratulate the French people on that!

One cloud does still loom on the horizon though - the EU Constitution. It was the French who we have to thank again for killing it off with their rejection by referendum. However, there is always the threat that it will come back through the back door. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who currently holds the rotating European Presidency, is known to favour the introduction of certain elements of the constitution through a new treaty, which most countries would be able to ratify without a referendum. It seems that Sarkozy and Blair both favour the same option.

It is quite clear that Labour's pledge to hold a referendum on the EU constitution should be honoured if they wish to bring in most of the elements of it through a new document. Blair, through his usual web of spin and deceit, does not think so. He believes that Parliament should be allowed to give our country away, without the people having the opportunity to say "no". David Cameron and the Conservatives have already made clear that they support a referendum on any such treaty, and I hope that we will be able to apply pressure to ensure that one is held, as we did for the Constitution. That will be an excellent opportunity for the people of Britain to say no to the "ever closer" union, and for the Conservatives to reaffirm our Eurosceptic credentials and pick up some new supporters.

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