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Friday, May 04, 2007

Shepway Votes Blue as Lib Dems Go Green with Envy

Like many parts of the country today, Shepway has elected the Conservatives with a massive majority. We won a phenomenal 34 seats out of 46, with only 10 Lib Dems. People First also managed to take the two seats in Folkestone Foord, which had been a fortress to the Lib Dems for a generation. Congratulations to Cllr Robert Bliss and all the Conservative councillors elected today!

The results in full are available from Shepway's website.

Of course, even such a fantastic result leaves some bad news. In this case - that came in three forms:

1) Rodica Wheeler, who worked so hard for Morehall missed out by only 11 votes.

2) John Collier worked harder than probably any other candidate, alongside Brenda Duggleby, who co-ordinates local campaigning. Sadly, he narrowly missed taking a seat in Park Ward. The other two Conservative candidates there were elected and Lib Dem Leader Lynne Beaumont clung on by the skin of her teeth.

3) New Romney Coastal saw the election of Lib Dems by a tantalisingly close 18 vote margin. That was the result of a campaign entirely based on opposition to Lydd Airport expansion. I feel desparately sorry for Pat Waddell, who had been an excellent Conservative Councillor there for many years. I'm sure that the people will soon come to miss her didication and hard work. The same cannot be said of her co-councillor - a Lib Dem who only ever turned up to meetings to collect her allowances! The new councillors there have a lot to live up to and probably won't even be able to speak about the airport because it featured so prominently in their campaign!

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