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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shepway Cabinet Appointed

At its meeting on Wednesday, Shepway District Council voted for Cllr Robert Bliss to remain leader for the ensuing year. He will be supported by a cabinet of nine members, including a mixture of new and old faces. In Morehall, our own Cllr Peter Monk has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Audit and Compliance committee.

I gather that the meeting was not particularly eventful, although People First did refuse to take their allotted seats next to the Lib Dems, choosing to sit behind the Conservatives instead. The level of distrust and dislike between the two groups is so strong, that I wonder where it may eventually lead. A few years ago, no-one would have predicted that there would be a time when councillors Copping and Marsh would rather sit with the Tories than the Lib Dems!

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