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Monday, May 07, 2007

Sarko the new French President

Congratulations to Nicholas Sarkozy and the UMP on their victory in the French Presidential elections yesterday.

The run of good election results has been quite amazing lately. First Quebec threw out the Liberal administration and resoundingly rejected the Parti Quebecois nationalists, allowing the conservative ADQ to surge through to come a close second in a hung Assembly. Then Super Thursday saw massive Conservative gains in local Government in England and Scotland and in the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. Now France has elected the clostest thing it has ever had to a Thatcherite!

In the next few months, there are elections that I know of in Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Calgary. I hope to see the PCs gain Manitoba from the NDP, PEI return the PCs for a record fourth term and Calgary find a replacement for the Liberal-in-disguise mayor Dave Bronconnier.

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