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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Saga not down and out yet

There have been reports in the media this week suggesting that Saga's whole business could be threatened by the new anti-discrimination legislation which the government is bringing in to combat age discrimination. The legislation is designed to stop employers from refusing to take on staff because they are too old, or too young for example. However, there have been fears that the laws could be badly drafted (as they were for IR35), resulting in all sorts of businesses and organisations being threatened. These could include Help the Aged, Saga and Club 18-30, to mention just a few.

The management at Saga have moved to reassure staff, customers and potential investors that they are working with the government to ensure that the laws don't cause those problems. They have been lobbying hard for months, as has been reported in some sections of the media. The Equalities Minister confirmed in an interview with Ragio 5 Live that the government isn't trying to destroy niche businesses' market.

The Saga statement concludes: "Customers should be reassured by the Ministers statement that they want people to be able to continue to holiday with others of their own age group. Saga is confident we will continue to serve our customers with great value services tailored to their needs."

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