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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Round up of Parish Council results in Shepway - Conservatives winning here, there and everywhere!

Many of the Town and Parish councils in Shepway had insufficient candidates for there to be an election there. However, most areas did vote for their new Town or Parish Council on Thursday. Folkestone saw all the Conservative candidates re-elected with the Lib Dems narrowly taking control. Hythe saw the Conservatives sweep the board with all 16 seats - compared to 2 at the last elections. The Lib Dems who had run Hythe for 4 years were resoundingly rejected. Hythe is now represented esclusinvely by Conservatives at all levels of local and national government!

Sandgate Parish Council also saw the Conservatives re-elect all of their 10 candidates. The eleventh seat was taken by Independent former Conservative Jenny Bailey, who I have to say deserved to win something after years of service to the community. In her ward there were only two Conservative candidates for the two seats. In Village ward, the Shepway Independent turncoats were resoundlingly defeated. Anyone who thinks that they are bigger than their party should take note - in most cases it's your ego that's big!

Hawkinge deserves special mention, as this was the first time that there had been a political candidate. Jean James, standing as a Conservative was elected with 900 votes - more than double the support of most other candidates! Her Independent ally Tony Hutt also won election. The one defeated candidate was long term parish councillor Cyril Trice.

Conservatives also sit on Lyminge Parish Council and Burmarsh Parish Council for the first time, with David and Gill Monk and Alan Clifton-Holt all returned unopposed.

UPDATE: Every Conservative candidate for the Town and Parish Councils of Shepway won election on Thursday. In addition, the Conservatives fielded more candidates than any other party. Wherever you live in Shepway - the Conservatives are the ones winning there!

FURTHER UPDATE: Gill Monk has emailed to tell me that the Lyminge Parish Council result did not stand. Apparently, there were so few people who came forward that the meetings would not be quorate. As a result, they would not be able to carry out the parish's business or co-opt any additional members. As a result, nominations will have to be re-opened in due course.

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