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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oxford Lib Dems defect to Conservative

Oxford Conservatives are celebrating after two Lib Dems defected from the ruling group on the council, to become the first Tories in the city for years. Councillors Tia MacGregor, Quarry and Risinghurst, and Paul Sargent, Carfax, officially switched parties to the Conservatives on Friday, reports the BBC.

It's a good start for the party as they prepare for next years elections in Oxford - the council is elected by halves, so it did not vote this year.

The new makeup of the city council is:
Labour - 18
Lib Dem - 16
Green - 8
Independent Working Class Association - 4
Conservative - 2

The Lib Dems have been running a minority administration, with some support from the Greens. It is not clear whether that will continue. The two parties no longer have a majority between them, holding exactly half the seats. The Labour Lord Mayor will have the casting vote in the event of a tie.

There have been suggestions that there may be others willing to make the switch, so it sounds like all is not well in Oxford Lib Dems. Do they have their own Beaumont, perhaps?

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