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Friday, May 04, 2007

Morehall elects a Conservative to Shepway!

After 20 years of Lib Dem failure, the people of Morehall turned out to elect Peter Monk to represent us on Shepway District Council. Congratulations to Peter, who I'm sure will do an excellent job of representing us! The only downside is that Rodica Wheeler narrowly missed out on election. She was only 11 votes behind, which must be a bitter pill to swallow after all the work that she had put in. However, my congratulations also go to her for increasing the Conservative vote and beating the second Lib Dem candidate, who had run a hard fought and expensive campaign over the last several months. It's the first time that Morehall Conservatives have managed to return a Councillor to Shepway in 20 years, so yesterday was quite an achievement.

Further congratulations also go to Rodica for retaining her Harvey West seat on Folkestone Town Council with an increased 922 vote - which is quite an achievement!

One further piece of good news for Morehall - the independent candidate, Cllr Richard Wallace, was returned to represent us on Folkestone Town Council. He's worked hard for the last 3 years and is a good choice. We supported him on the campaign trail, and on this blog and I'm pleased that we did so - it may well have been instrumental in delivering his 18 vote majority! I hope to work with him, Peter, Cllr Robert Bliss (KCC), Michael Howard MP, Richard Ashworth MEP and Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate Damian Collins to make the difference to our area.

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