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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lib Dems bury bad news

You really can't make this up. The day that Shepway Lib Dems admit their PPC has resigned, it gets second billing on their website. What could possibly be bigger news on the local Lib Dem political scene? A missing dog, of course! Whilst I'm sure that an owner's dog being lost or stolen is deeply distressing for them, it really is not the most imporant thing to have happened to Shepway Lib Dems. Cllr "Pravda" Prater should be ashamed. Sadly, the Lib Dem leadership here have no shame at all.

I know there's been a lot of Lib Dem bashing here lately, but I think that it's justified, all things considered. I'm looking forward to being able to get back to more positive stories as we start to see the new Conservative administration at Shepway pay dividends.


Anonymous said...

Relax! Stop distressing yourselves!

Bracken the dog has been found.

If only the same could be said for the integrity of certain Liberal Democrats.

Dan Hassett said...

That is good news. I fully expect the Lib Dems to take full credit!

Holly said...

Dan Hassett resigned his seat knowing he would lose and his colleagues were not brave enough to stand a full slate so the people handed power to the Lib Dems. His picture shows him wearing red - the Conservatives don't know were they stand now. Look at their position regarding Grammar Schools!!!
Didn't Cameron write Michael Howard's manifesto supporting Grammar Schools? I bet this comment will not last too long before its deleted.

Dan Hassett said...

I feel rather sorry for you, Holly. You may not have noticed, but I have already posted on here that I'm emigrating to Canada, so could not seek re-election. As it happens, my replacement is Cllr Peter Monk, who was the first Conservative to be elected to represent Morehall on SDC since 1987. We gained the seat on a 14% swing. He won having been selected on the last day of nominations and on the back of two days' canvassing. I'm quite certain that I would have won my seat if I had been able to stand again.

As for not being brave enough to field a full slate - we were the only party with a full slate for Shepway and fielded more candidates for the local Town and Parish councils than Labour and the Lib Dems combined. All of our candidates won, and if only we had more people willing and able to stand, I'm quite sure that more would have been elected. Across Folkestone, we took 8 District Council seats - the same number as the Lib Dems. As to handing power to the Lib Dems; do you know how little power town councils have? They will need permission from Conservative Shepway or Kent councils to achieve anything, apart from running the allotments!

The picture doesn't actually show me wearing red. It is a bright orange life vest. It's a requirement that you wear them aboard many boats. For anyone to suggest that red is indicative of my politics is amusing though, I confess.

You clearly don't know me and have never read this blog - I have never deleted any comments. I'm quite happy to let people like you have enough rope to hang yourselves.

Holly said...

As an upstanding truthful politician can you really assure me you have never deleted a comment to your blog?

Dan Hassett said...

I've thought long and hard. I have blocked two spam messages - although I didn't delete them, I just blocked them. Apart from that, I've allowed all comments. I wouldn't allow offensive or libelous comments, but that issue hasn't arisen.

I'm not a politician though!

Holly said...

"I'm not a politician though!" - did you not stand as a Conservative Councillor? I'm afraid that you are one of the many that brought Politics into Folkestone Town Council by wearing a coloured rossette. Your very own blog runs down nearly everyone that isn't a Conservative and promotes Conservative values (whatever they are!).
By the way, I wish to consider my options but need to know where Damian Collins stands regarding Grammar schools before I commit. Can you enlighten?