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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Folkestone Town Council - Conservatives sustain 100% record

Thursday's election result saw the Conservatives match their amazing success of 2004 - every Conservative candidate was elected! Sadly, we did not have enough councilors, which allowed the Lib Dems to take control of the council. Many of their councillors will have won in the knowladge that they are second class though, having been rejected for the principle authority. More than half of the Lib Dems elected to Folkestone Town Council are dual hatted - having also won their district council seata, which could make Folkestone relegated to second place in their priorities. By contrast, two thirds of the Conservatives and the Independent candidate will only sit on the Town Council and will have the time to properly represent their constituents. The Town Mayor Janet Andrews was also returned comfortably to the Town Council, although not to the District.

Despite taking control of Folkestone, the leader of Folkestone Lib Dems lost his seat, which was previously the safest Lib Dem ward in the Folkestone. He was decapitated by People First, the Lib Dem splinter group which took 3 seats in Folkestone.

The next step for the Conservatives will be to build on those three seats in Folkestone and on the eight seats we have at Shepway to ensure that we have the candidates to oust the Lib Dems next time around.

In Morehall, I'm very pleased to report that Independent Councillor Richard Wallace as returned. He has worked hard for our area and Morehall Conservatives backed him informally on the campaign trail in recognition of his work. His majority of 18 votes over the Lib Dem candidate from Hythe may not have materialised without that support, so I'm pleased to have defeated the visiting Lib Dem in two elections in one go!

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