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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lib Dem resigns - who's next for the chop?

Shepway Lib Dems have delivered the party's first resignation in the wake of their recent electoral disaster. Toby Philpott, who was only selected as their parliamentary candidate last November, was never the first choice of the local leadership. It seems that he has now paid the price for persuading the membership to back him over local council leader Lynne Beaumont.

The move comes as no surprise. It is not the first time that Cllr Beaumont has elbowed rivals asside in the name of her career. Since her election as Councillor for Folkestone Park in 2003, she first led a coup against long standing local Lib Dem leader Linda Cufley. That led to the group splitting, with 19 of the 30 members leaving the group by the 2007 election. Next for the chop was Fiona Carroll, wife of the then PPC Peter Carroll. Lynne and Peter now live together and plan to marry.

Meanwhile, local chairman, Cllr Prater has been quick to issue a statement through the increasingly Pravda-like local Lib Dem press machine. Apparently he wishes Toby and his family all the best and the resignation is against a backdrop of the success of the elections, which returned fewer Lib Dems in Shepway than at any time since their formation. So the knives were in, for a change? This is the same organ that produced Cllr Beaumont's most amazing claim to date. Apparently, Ex Lib Dem Councillor David Callahan resigned from the party due to "frustration with the Tory whip system". A clear and obvious reason to resign as a Lib Dem, obviously!

It does strike me as strange. The Chairman of the local Lib Dems is responsible for campaigning and the Leader of the Council group is responsible for spearheading policy. So why is it that the PPC resigns when local people reject a negative campaign to promote tired policies, none of which said anything about the future? How long will their local members accept their mistreatment by the cabal running the local Lib Dems? Have they not realised that, compared to the 2005 County Council elections, when all 6 Shepway seats went Tory and Peter Carroll was their candidate for the general election, their results have actually improved?

Perhaps more significantly on the national stage, the local Lib Dem leadership all publicly backed Chris Huhne for the party leadership. Ming should watch his back if he's ever in the vicinity of Folkestone.

Clearly, I'm no Lib Dem. I'd rather amputate my own limbs than vote for that rabble. However, the state of the local party is a symptom of the underlying problems which turn me off the party. Toby Philpott was not such a symptom. I only met him once, and spoke to him briefly. I had no urge to punch him, which is the greatest compliment I can give to a Lib Dem parliamentary hopeful. He came across as honest and was very likeable, which sets him apart from many in the local Lib Dem leadership. It's a shame that there's no room for people like him in the Lib Dems anymore.

Source: Hawkinge Gazette & Channel Coast News


Anonymous said...

This is the most disgusting hateful piece of writing i have read for a long time. It really sickens me to read this mr hassett. No wonder your party has been known as the nasty party. I hope your legal team is good

Dan Hassett said...

Read the local press. You'll see what they report the Lib Dem leadership have been saying about their PPC, including calling him Toby ****pot. For anyone to defend them and simultaneously accuse the Tories of being nasty is the level of hypocrisy we have all come to know and love!

Nothing that is written in this blog entry is untruthful - all information contained within it is already in the public domain, having been reported in the local press. There's a great deal more that I could say, but wouldn't as it has not been reported elsewhere.

I assume that you haven't read any Lib Dem leaflets lately, if this is the most "disgusting hateful piece of writing" you have read recently.

Anonymous said...

who ever this anonymous is, it seems they do have a point this time, what you have stated about lynne beaumont is all speculation. I would of thought that you fo all people would have kept out of this and stuck to your own party. Incidently i have heard on the grape vine that Mr Collins is not popular either.

Dan Hassett said...

I've heard no such speculation about Damian. As for speculation about Lynne, none of this is speculative. There's a great deal more to tell, and others will be doing so. I understand that next week's Herald will make interesting reading.

There's an awful lot more that's going on at the moment. In time, that will come out, but now's not the time.

Anonymous said...

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