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Sunday, May 13, 2007


The UK sunk to ignominious defeat once again in Eurovision, scoring just 19 points - joint 22nd with France. Only Ireland performed worse, scoring 5 points, all of which came from Albania, bizarrely! The UK picked up 7 points from Ireland and an amazing maximum 12 points from Malta. Perhaps we should go there for our honeymoon!

It's a pity. Scooch deserved better from a well performed and catchy song. The worst song in the contest was the Armenian entry, yet the qualified for next year's final with 8th position and 138 ponts.

Serbia must have been the least deserving winner in many years. The song was an instantly forgettable dirge, performed by an exceptionally unattractive "woman" who looked like she probably has to shave every morning. She may have looked better if she wasn't wearing a man's suit (with trainers for crying out loud - do Serbs have no sense of style at all?). Also, Sinead O'Connor was able to carry off cropped to non-existent hair, but Marija Serifovic is no Sinead O'Connor, I'm affraid. To her credit, she can sing well. That just didn't make up for the otherwise unremarkable song and performance though.

The rise of Eastern Europe to dominate the contest does concern me. Not so much for its impact on Eurovision. I'm more concerned about the direction it may lead the EU. There are a lot of similarities between Eurovision and the EU - in both cases the money comes from a small number of Western nations but the power seems to rest with the large number of Eastern countries, who are net recipients of funds.

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