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Friday, May 04, 2007

Conservatives heading for victory

The Conservative Party is heading for victory in Shepway, as it is up and down the country today. So far, 27 out of 46 seats have been declared in Shepway. The state of play is Conservative 21, Lib Dem 6. Conservatives have done will in many wards, easily taking Dymchurch, North Downs East and all 7 seats in Hythe. All had voted Lib Dem four years ago. Elsewhere, Conservative majorities have been up, with one exception. The blot on the landscape of a generally fantastic election result was in New Romney Coast, where the Lib Dems campaigned on an anti-airport agenda and managed to take both seats by a wafer thing majority of 18 votes. My thoughts go out to Pat Waddell, in particular, who had served that area as a hard working Conservative Councillor for many years. Thankfully, neighbouring Lydd relegated the Lib Dems to last place, with large Conservative majorities, and in New Romney Town the Lib Dem mustered only 66 votes, against Conservative Councillor Carole Waters' 658!

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