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Monday, April 16, 2007

M20 chaos

Yesterday wasn't a great one for the many motorists stuck in the 8 mile tailbacks on the M20. Clearly, maintenance is sometime needed, and occasionally the will mean closing a section of motorway. However, the Highways Agency's handling of yesterday's fiasco was ridiculous.

1) Why plan roadworks that mean closing the main motorway from the UK's main ports and Channel Tunnel on the last weekend of Easter, one of the busiest of the year?
2) How did the work overrun so long? It was supposed to be an overnight closure, yet the road didn't reopen until 6pm!
3) Why was the exended closure not publicised more widely? The planned closure was only mentioned on signs immediately around Ashford, and the first place that there were signs mentioning that there may be trouble ahead was after the previous junction. There should have been signs warning of the chaos ahead at the preceding junctions. I would not have even bothered getting on to the motorway at Junction 12 if I had know that my birthday trip to Rochester Castle was going to turn into a 4 hour visit to the M20!

From a government that's been all talk and no action for a decade, it's mind boggling that they can't even manage to tell us something useful - like that the road isn't there!

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