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Monday, April 30, 2007

Folkestone Town Council's support for the quake victims

Folkestone Town Council has used its disaster recovery powers for the first time. All councillors have been asked, by email, to comment in advance of a final decision to release £1,000 to the Salvation Army. It seems that Janet and I (as Mayor and Chairman of Finance respectively) have the final say and are empowered to release the funds without the need for a meeting. I'm glad to see that the Town Council can actually do something for a change, rather than having to give the usual one week's notice before going round and round in circles in a discussion and taking a vote around 11pm, just to come to the same decision!

The Salvation Army did an excellent job in housing and feeding the unfortunate victims of the earthquake. Many of them will have been forced to leave the house with few possessions, unable to return due to unsafe structures. This money will help the Salvation Army to keep up the good work in case another disaster should strike in the future.

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