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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Election week has arrived!

Well it's only 4 days until polling day now. The Morehall Conservative team will be continuing the hard work to get as many of our supporters as possible to vote as possible. I'm pretty convinced that we would win if everyone went out and voted. Unfortunately, most do not vote in local elections, so it's down to which set of electors votes. If you don't want to return to the dismal days of Lib Dem rule in Shepway, with 39% tax hikes, closed public toilets, grass that never gets cut, empty flower beds and uncontrolled graffiti, then please make sure that you got out on polling day and vote for your Conservative candidates.

For Folkestone Morehall, that means voting for Rodica Wheeler and Peter Monk to represent us as District Councillors. The Lib Dems rea trying to present themselves as a new alternative after years of this ward being poorly represented by its District Councillors. What they're less keen for you to know is that Morehall has been elected Lib Dems continuously for 20 years!

For the past 3 years, Shepway has been deeply divided. The split in the ruling Lib Dem group left the small minority group of 18 Tory councillors (out of 46) with the difficult task of picking up the pieces. The Lib Dems refused to join a unity coalition aimed at delivering for the people of Shepway, preferring to play party politics, as we see day in an day out from the ridiculous leaflets they pump out. If given the chance to rule as a majority, Shepway Conservatives will concentrate on prividing a greener and safer district, with the focus on cleaning our streets, tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and keeping a tight control of the taxpayers' money - something that the Lib Dems have prooved themselves incapable of!

For Folkestone Town Council, the best candidate for Morehall is the Independent Richard Wallace. Unlike the Lib Dems, he lives in the ward, and both Rodica and I have worked with him in the past and will continue to do so in the future. One of the Liberal candidates doesn't even live in Folkestone (so he won't have to pay the high taxes or suffer the poor services).

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