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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Earthquake hits Folkestone!

Well we had a rude awakening this morning. At 0818 BST, the town was hit by the biggest earthquake to hit England in 5 years. Depending whether you take US or EU figures, it was either 4.7 or 5 on the richter scale and the epicentre was just outside Folkestone, althouth the exact location is also disputed.

We're all ok, with only minor damage to the plaster on a couple of ceilings. Some have fared less well though, with people trapped in buildings, fires and chimneys and masonry falling off properties. We lost electricity for a couple of hours and the phone lines are still down - BT are working but Virgin are not, it would seem.

Of course, it wouldn't really be appropriate to canvass today. I'm going to a wedding this afternoon, so it's a day that they won't be forgetting for more reasons than one!

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Ian said...

Wow, how very unexpected. Give the papers something to write about.