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Monday, April 30, 2007

Cllr Greenwall proves that he's no Conservative

I've just read Cllr Greenwall's letter to the Folkestone Herald. How can anyone who stands on a ticket of taking politics out of the local council write such garbage in a desparate attempt to get elected?!

The letter is inaccurate on so many levels, and the policy which he seems to be promoting is wreckless with other peoples' money. He reckons that the Town Council shouldn't have any reserves, and should have spent the entire April-September budget by now. I can see why he was not selected as the Conservative candidate for Sandgate and am most relieved that he jumped ship as a consequence. Would Cllr Greenwall run his personal or business accounts so recklessly? If not, why does he think that it's acceptable to be reckless with everyone else's money.

Sandgate Conservatives found the red under the bed and flushed him out. Now he's standing for the "political landfill" known as Shepway Independents. Let us hope that the good people of Sandgate consign him to the great dustbin in the sky.

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