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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Iran spoiling for war?

The situation in Iran has been quietly escalating since the capture of 15 Royal Navy Marines and Sailors last Friday. The British Government has now produced GPS evidence that Iran arrested our men and women in Iraqi waters, which they were patrolling on behalf of the UN to protect local shipping and oil, and Iran's attempt to contradict that failed when they also produced evidence that they were in Iraqi waters.

All in all, the issues surrounding a potential war with Iran are now very different from those when we invaded Iraq. It is absolutely clear that the Royal Navy is legally entitled to be in the Persian Gulf and pretty obvious that the Iranian waters had not been infinged upon. However, since Britain made clear that it was the Iranian government which had broken international law, their response has been disgraceful. The British hostages have been paraded on television and have made "confessions", presumably under duress. They have still not provided Consular access to the British Subjects illegally detained in Tehran, and have now reneged on previous promises to release the one servicewoman in captivity on the grounds that our government's response has been "incorrect". Apparently we should not have broken off diplomatic relations and should not consult the UN! Releasing one out of fifteen was never good enough, so our government was quite right not to negotiate and compromise with a terrorist state's autocratic rulers.

In Iraq, it was easy to say that we shouldn't be there because it wasn't our war. In Iran, the same cannot be said. Our troops were legally protecting British interests be ensuring that the oil supply upon which we all rely was secure. They have now been detained by a foreign government and, if diplomatic solutions cannot be found swiftly, has an obligation to ensure that all necessary means are used to protect our troops in the Gulf. I think that the situation is particularly sad as the Persian government seems to be out of step with its population which it rules over through tyrany and intimidation. I really wouldn't want to see the peaceful way of life that most Iranians enjoy today disturbed, but we can't allow terrorists to kidnap our people and go unchallenged.

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Dan Hassett said...

Well thankfully they have all been released, courtesy of a "gift to the British people" from the Iranian government. Nothing has really been solved though - both countries continue to insist that they were right over the issue, although only the British government has produced evidence.

I wonder whether the boats and their equipment have been returned? It seems not. That suggests, to me, that Iran was after western technology, which they will be able to copy for their own military. Maybe I'm reading too much into the situation and it was just a case of posturing though.