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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Has Chris Huhne lost it?

The more cruel amongst us may consider that he must have lost it before he joined the Lib Dems. Recent reports, some of which he admits to be true, suggest that our former Lib Dem MEP-turned MP for Eastleigh may be feeling the pressure at the moment. That may be another sign in discontent within the ranks at Ming Campbell's lacklustre performance as party leader.

The Independent reports that he admits threatening to smash a Conservative MP over the head with a box of lightbulbs. There are also reports that he plans to abandon marginal Eastleigh for a safer seat. Recent expert forecasts and opinion polls have consistently shown the seat falling to the Conservatives. Mark Oaten's escapades in neighbouring Winchester won't have helped matters either.

He has been accused of being an Ecofascist, but at the same time his green credentials have been challenged following revelations about his travel expenses.

Others have suggested that he may stay in Eastleigh but defect to Tory. I don't know how likely or desirable that would be, but he would be following in the footsteps of various Hampshire councillors. See here.


Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the Indie's humour in quipping about lightbulb-related violence! :-)

Huhne's pointed out to the Torygraph that Nigel Evans has apologised for wrongly thinking he was censoring Channel 4. See:

For what it's worth, Evans seems to have been good-humoured over the
whole thing - just the conspiracy theorist Telegraph which objects!

As for the idea he's going to be anything except the Lib Dem MP for
Eastleigh after the next election... fantasy by scared Eastleigh Tories, I suspect!



Anonymous said...

Mr Hassett,
As my Ward Councillor and with the elections coming up soon, I was very disapointed to see that you are spending most of your time on the blog having a go at the Liberals rather than promtoing yourself, can you please stop the 'punch and judy' politics which your leader said he would stop.
Thanks for your time.

A concerned Morehall resident