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Monday, March 12, 2007

Foreign Languages to be compulsory for 7 year-olds

The Education secretary, Alan Johnson, has today backed Lord Dearing's recommendation that Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) should be compulsory for all 7 year-olds. As the MFL Governor at Sandgate Primary, I'll have to look in to how that might affect the school. All children at Sandgate already learn Spanish from the age of 5, and there are plans to introduce some French to the school's curriculum as well. The school also has a Silver Flair award for its language teaching - Glenn deserves much praise for achieving that less than 2 years after MFL was reintroduced to the school curriculum. I do hope that the new guidelines attached to this announcement won't be too prescriptive, as there's always the danger that rules will stifle innovation.

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