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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


There has been much speculation about Starbucks opening in Folkestone. I can finally confirm that they will be opening in the new Bouverie Place shopping centre. They have applied for permission to extend opening hours to 7am-10pm and to have an outdoor seating area.

A bank/building society/Bureau de Change will also be opening in Bouverie Place. There have been rumours that HSBC is moving in. It's a large unit spread over two floors.


Anonymous said...

Wow nothing about David Cameron taking illeagal drugs? Lets try and keep fooling ourselves that we have a perfect moral base.

Dan Hassett said...

As a committed libertarian, it's not something that concerns me. I'm certainly not perfect and don't claim to be.

However, like David Cameron I have not defrauded the taxpayer, unlike at least one Shepway Lib Dem Councillor. The Smiths and Georges are facing investigations into similar investigations.

My concern there is not merely moral - it is that honest people like me and the vast majority of Folkestonians are footing the bill. Still, at least the Lib Dems still haven't managed to defraud us out of as much money as they wasted in their brief spell in charge of Shepway - when the toilets all shut, the grass wasn't cut, street cleaning budgets were slashed and council tax was capped after a proposed 39% tax hike.