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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shepway Lib Dems: From Swinging to Spinning...

Looking at some of the recent comments I've been getting on here, it seems that certain local Lib Dems are now putting more energy into spinning local news stories rather than bed hopping. I only wish they would put their efforts into making our town a better place to live instead.

I find it particularly odd that they are concerned that I'm against democracy. I actually rather like democracy - it gave me a massive majority at the last local elections and ensures that Michael Howard remained our Conservative MP by another large margin despite massive spending and desperate publicity stunts by his Lib Dem opponent.

This blog is quite free and open, with a facility to comment. I don't delete comments unless they contain offensive language or are adverts in disguise. There are two other Town Councillors with a web presence. Jonick (Go Folkestone) also allows comments, which are frequently highjacked by the Lib Dems as well. The only councillor who has a website with no comment feature is - you've guessed it - a Liberal Democrat. They should be prosecuted under the trades description act for using the word in their name.

I wonder whether they would allow me to put an article in the next Lib Dem leaflet?

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