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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Running the Gauntlet in Calais

The problems of illegal immigration to Folkestone and Dover have eased greatly since their peak a couple of years ago. The large numbers of eastern Europeans, Iraqis, Kurds and Somalis who once settled in the town are now a rare sight locally and the daily closures of the Channel Tunnel to deal with the regular incursions have ceased. That follows increased security with higher, barbed wire topped fences and the closure of the Calais holding centre. However, that doesn't mean that the problems have gone away.

The number of immigrants, particularly Iraqis, in and around Calais is increasing once again. Some of them are preying on British visitors and lorry drivers severely beating them and making clear that it's a result of Blair's meddling in Iraq. These kind of stories may be out of sight for us most of the time, but we shouldn't forget that the problem hasn't gone away. If we let our guard down, the problems could soon be back.

Corissa and I are going to Bruges for the weekend, so there won't be much activity on here until Monday. I'm sure that we'll avoid any beatings similar to Colin Minster's. Quite apart from the fact that we're sailing to Dunkerque, I'm sure that these incidents are still few and far between, especially in the busy areas frequented by tourists!


Anonymous said...

Very pleasing to know a tory has been 'done'. It is clear by your censorship of the truth that good has won out again.

Dan Hassett said...

Anon - you're not making any sense at all, as usual.

To clear up any confusion, this is my blog, which is designed to tell the world about the way I see things - that's not censorship, it's freedom of speech. Unlike most media, it also provides people like you to post comments, no matter how ridiculous they may be.

If you don't like my views, I'm not forcing you to read them and you are equally free to create your own blog. You certainly seem to enjoy blogging - you post on here frequently enough.