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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Polish - the new language of Cheshire

Diversion signs in Polish have been set up by Cheshire County Counil, following confusion recently with non-English speaking commercial drivers ignoring the signs. Cheshire County Council defended the move, saying that it only cost a few hundred pounds and would improve safety.

However, a few hundred pounds to translate signs into one language this time could quickly escalate to several million pounds to translate all signs nationwide into an array of Eastern European and other languages. Effectively the taxpayer is subsidising cheap labour from overseas without the required skills to do their job. Surely it's time that we required all immigrants to have a reasonable grasp of English (or Welsh/Gaelic where appropriate). The amount of money wasted by government departments and local authorities translating signs and leaflets into every language under the sun has got to stop. Our local signs for French, German and Dutch tourists make sense, subsidising Polish lorry drivers does not.

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