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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Conservatives call for end to 'garden grabbing'

The Conservative Party has reiterated its call for an end to "Garden Grabbing", whereby developers buy houses (usually detached) with large gardens, and build blocks of flats in their places. The policy is actively encouraged by the Government, making it increasingly difficult of councils to resist such applications. A recent example of Garden Grabbing occurred in Morehall - 11 houses are going to be built in the ground of Coolinge House, Coolinge Lane. That's a marked improvement on the original plans, but still not what I hoped for. The plans were bitterly opposed by local residents and organisations such as the New Folkestone Society, Sandgate Society and the national Georgian Society.

I can imagine how garden grabbing could completely change the appearance of roads like Cherry Garden Lane and Cherry Garden Avenue, the main thoroughfare into Folkestone from the motorway, and it wouldn't be for the better.

You can sign the petition against Labour's Garden Grab by clicking HERE.

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