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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sport Centre Not For Sales

There have been persistent rumours in the town that the trustees of Folkestone Sport Centre are plotting to sell of the golf course to raise funds for the proposed new sport centre. I've spoken to some of the trustees, and am reassured that any such sale would only occur over their dead bodies.

I can only guess where the malicious rumours are coming from. In an election year I could hazard a pretty good guess at which bandwagon hoppers might be involved, especially given that a high profile opposition councillor will be seeking to retain her marginal Park Ward seat this year. Who ever it is, she's bonkers, as the rumours are undermining the efforts being made by both the Sports Centre Trust and Shepway District Council to preserve and enhance local sports facilities. Negotiations are at particularly delicate stage, and we should all be behind those who are trying to provide first class facilities for the town.

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