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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


What the Lib Dems said:

WE OPPOSE: Tuition fees & top up fees
WE PROPOSE: Scrapping student fees
Further education affordable to every student

Because of devolution in Scotland and Wales, the position on some issues is different there from England. For example, the Lib Dems have secured the abolition of tuition fees in Scotland.

Today's reality from the Scotsman:

THE financial crisis facing higher education deepened yesterday when one of Scotland's leading universities announced it would shed up to 250 jobs in order to afford increased salaries for lecturers.

The cuts made by Strathclyde University prompted warnings that others in the sector will soon follow suit.

The announcement comes less than a week after Dundee University revealed it was also cutting posts in order to turn around a deficit of more than £3 million.

The Lib Dems have long been shouting their Scottish Education policies from the rooftops. The Lib Dems abolished tuition fees there, they claimed (although graduates still have to pay £2000 a head), and would do the same in England. So it's not only in Shepway that the Lib Dems mouths write cheques that they can't cash. Remember th fiasco with the toilets being closes and grass verges not being cut? Imagine if it had been our schools, hospitals and police stations closing and carbon emissions that they were failing to cut! That's the real risk of voting Lib Dem - they can't be trusted at any level of government, from our town halls to the corridors of power in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels.

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