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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Health Focus Group seeking volunteers in Morehall

Background to the study
This research is part of a wider investigation into health, health inequalities and health-related behaviour in South East England and North West France. The project is funded by the EU and aims to contribute to the improvement of health and health related behaviour of people on both sides of the channel.

The focus groups aim to be socio-economically and geographically representative of residents living in Kent, Medway and East Sussex. In order to do this the Townsend Index has been be used. Each electoral ward has been measured and placed into twenty tiers.

Methods to be used
The study will centre upon the use of focus groups. Focus groups involve around ten participants sitting down with a researcher who leads the group in a conversation about a given topic. In this case the topics will be health inequalities and public involvement in health care. The focus groups will be recorded and transcribed and analysed using a computer software package.

What will be expected from you?
Firstly, we will need to know your address to work out which electoral ward you belong to and to see if this is an electoral ward we are looking at. If you are willing to take part then you will be asked to attend one focus group with other members of the public. It will take under two hours of your time and refreshments will be provided. Your permission will be asked to tape record the session and you will be assured that the tape will be destroyed following transcription. Your participation is voluntary and you can withdraw at anytime without giving a reason. The information that you provide will not be shared, and will be analysed and presented in an anonymous format.

Further information
If you would like any further information then please do not hesitate to call or email:
Kirsty Carmichael
Dept of Psychology and Counselling
School of Health and Social Care
University of Greenwich
Avery Hill Campus
Tel: 020 8331 7560 or email:

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