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Monday, January 29, 2007

19 Down, 11 To Go!

Today, two more Lib Dem Councillors in Shepway have announced that they are leaving their group. The move is the result of investigations into irregularities in their receipt of benefits alongside Councillors' allowances. Both North Down East (Hawkinge and environs) Councillors plead their innocence, and have suspended their membership of the Lib Dems pending the outcome.

The latest moves follow this month's shock resignation of the third Lib Dem Councillor for North Downs East, who now sits with the Independent Group with whom he intends to stand at May's elections. That resignation was the result of a dispute with his colleagues. Last month, one of the three Lib Dem Councillors for Park Ward resigned after a difficult period between him and his fellow Park Ward Councillor the leader of the Lib Dem Group.

As recently as 2004, there was a record 30 Lib Dem Councillors on Shepway District Council. Since then, a rash of defections, resignations and by-election defeats has reduced them to their lowest total since the 1980s. The fall from grace was sparked by a proposed 39% tax hike, the closure of all local toilets and other cut backs which included street cleaning and grass cutting services.

The Folkestone East by-election, won by a Conservative for the first time in my life, was sparked by another Lib Dem Councillor's family's fraudulent benefits claims. Another former Lib Dem Councillor, representing Morehall, has was also arrested over allegations of fraud relating to his former business.

Shepway District Council remains in No Overall Control with the balance standing at:
Conservative 18
Lib Dem 11
People First 10
Independent 5
Green 1
Vacant 1


Anonymous said...

If you did have a brain, you would be able to read that Peter Smith and Mrs Smith have only suspended their membership and not resigned,
oh well, thats a grammar school education for you.

Dan Hassett said...

From my original blog:

"Both North Down East (Hawkinge and environs) Councillors plead their innocence, and have suspended their membership of the Lib Dems pending the outcome."

Pretty clear that I can and did read, wouldn't you say? More than can be said for you though. To be fair, it's the second sentence - and not many Lib Dems can concentrate that long. If they could, they might actually read some of the nonsense in Lib Dem leaflets and manifesto and realise taht we're all better off with the Conservatives.

Dan Hassett said...

For the record, the rules concerning the use of Apostrophes in written English are very simple:

1. They are used to denote a missing letter or letters.

2. They are used to denote possession but please note that the possessive form of it does not take an apostrophe any more than ours, yours or hers do. If there are two or more dogs, companies or Joneses, the apostrophe comes after the 's'.

3. Apostrophes are NEVER ever used to denote plurals!

from the Apostrophe Protection Society,

So the score's 2-0, and both are own goals on your part.

Anonymous said...

Although I know you will ignore deomocracy and delete this comment, you have failed to mention the former Conservative folkestone east councillor who had to resign because of a history of child abuse!
Wow, I wonder why you forgot that. Conservatives are full of spite for the well meaning opposition members but always pretend they are perfectly normal

Dan Hassett said...

Not true - I have never deleted comments unless they contain offensive language or are adverts.

It is true that, in an article about fraud allegations, I didn't mention child abuse. That's because it did not involve fraud, so was not relevant to the post. The incident to which you refer occurred before I started blogging, but I commented elsewhere. For balance, I also didn't comment about the issues surrounding the Smiths' assault in Hawkinge, as that wasn't relevant to fraud either.

You do also neglect some significant differences. These fraud allegations all relate to time while the individuals were serving as Lib Dem councillors in our area. Most relate to defrauding the taxpayer. By contrast, the child abuse had happened prior to Cllr Richdale's involvement in either the council or the Conservative Party, and as soon as the news came to light he was expelled.

I'm not sure that being a well meaning opposition member justifies stealing money from the taxpayer. That kind of screwy logic demonstrates clearly why Shepway Lib Dems aren't fit to govern.

I even made clear that they deny the allegations and that it is just an ivestigation at this stage - all accurate and fair reporting. That's not spiteful.

For the record, I don't actually believe that Cllrs Smith are clever enough to be able to fill in their forms correctly and would happily attest to that as a character witness if the case comes to court. Equally they are not bright enough to adequately represent the people of North Downs East. That much should be clear to all Lib Dem Councillors who know them but allow them to continue to attempt to represent Hawkinge.

As for "deomocracy", I allow comments on my site, unlike any of the local Lib Dem sites. I wonder whether Lib Dem Focus would allow me to make blatently false allegations about its authors? That's what has happened in this thread - I have a brain, can read (and write and use correct punctuation), I don't resort to personal attacks whilst hiding behind a pseudonym.

I'm certainly not spiteful. There are plenty of allegations about various Lib Dem councillors' and candidates personal lives that I could have published. I knew about "the affair" before Linda Cufley was knifed in the back for personal gain and long before it was finally admitted, after months of denial by Lynne Beaumont. I didn't publish, as I'm not an unpleasant person.

I suggest that you take a look at yourself, as you come over as being a rather sad, bitter and twisted individual in these comments.

Anonymous said...

Well I am enjoying this blog and all the comments. Always nice to have a cyber stalker, hey Cllr Hassett?

At first I thought the anonymous comments were by Peter and Christena Smith themselves.

But only for a split second.

I mean how could they?

The two of them can hardly string together a verbal sentence let alone a written one.

Anonymous said...

Its a bit obvious that you have just written the last comment yourself Cllr Hassett.
Which is also most possibly in the area of libel. 'What a 'mischtake' to make'!

Dan Hassett said...

Your powers of deduction fail yet again. It doesn't take much to work out who did post them though. Given the various false accusations thrown at me in these comments I'm surprised that you are aware of libel laws - although you clearly don't know them all that well.

For the record, I've never thought for one moment that the comments came from the Smiths and have no reason to accuse them. After all, their names have already been muddied by reports in organs with much wider circulation than my humble blog.