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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Threat to Folkestone's health services

The Eask Kent Hospitals NHS Trust has revealed what many of us already feared - Folkestone's Royal Victoria Hospital could close. The move is designed to save £1.2 million a year, in a bid to reduce the massive local deficit in NHS budgets. Under the plans, the bulk of Folkestone's hospital would be sold off as offices.

Some of the buildings previously used by the trust have already been closed in preparation for their sale, and senior medical staff are struggling to find rooms to see patients. The closure of the Royal Victoria would be a serious blow to Folkestone. Recently, I was out in the Town Centre along with other Conservative councillors and campaigners including our Prospective Parliamentary Spokesman Damian Collins. We were collecting signatures against the appalling mismanagement and cuts to services in the NHS. You can sign the petition online by clicking here.

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