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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

US votes in mid term election

Today, Americans are heading to the polls to elect a third of their Senate and all members of the House of Representatives. There will also be various local and state-wide elections, including Gubernatorial races in states including Florida and California, where Arnie looks set to buck the swing to the Democrats.

Despite Bush's poor ratings, the elections are considered too close to call. The reasons given for that are the twofold. Firstly, the electorate is able to separate Bush's record from that of other Republicans, who may be held in high personal regard. In this respect, it's notable that Republicans in Congress have not always backed their president. On some issues, such as international trade, the Republicans are more liberal than the Democrats, supporting freer trade. The second reason is that the GOP is renowned for its excellent GOTV (get out the vote) programme known as its 72 hour team. The Republicans have harnessed the internet through blogging and other means in a much more effective manner than their rivals. Over here, it is the right that dominates the blogosphere as well, but the internet does not yet play the same role that it does in the states. That could all change over the next few years, and we could see the edge in the GOTV battle shifting from Lib Dem to Tory at last!

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