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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Remembrance Sunday

The Remembrance Service at the war memorial at the top of Folkestone's Road of Remembrance was well attended as usual this year. Most town councillors joined the procession, along with Michael and Sandra Howard, Damien and Sarah Collins and a selection of District and County Councillors as well. The public were out on mass once again too, keeping the annual service remembering those who gave so much to save this country from an unspeakable outcome. It seemed that there were more wreaths laid than ever.

The site of the memorial, at the top of the slope road that so many British, Commonwealth and Allied troops marched down, and decidedly fewer marched back up all those years ago. It is difficult to imagine what life must have been like then, but our lives would not have been the same without the unthinking sacrifice in the name of our country by those dedicated men and women.

Unfortunately, there were no representatives from Etaples with us this year, as Remembrance Day on 11th November is an important event there as well. Next year, the two dates will actually clash, so I hope that the link between the two towns can survive. I'm sure that Folkestone representatives will still make the return trip to Etaples next summer.

After the service and inspection of troops, we held the annual Folkestone Etaples dinner even though there were no Etaples representatives. It was another good lunch and afternoon, despite the many absent friends.

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