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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lib Dem MP admits party is "dishonest"

Lib Dem MP, Sandra Gidley has admitted that the Lib Dem manifesto for the last election was "dishonest". She has highlighted the difference between the rhetoric and the costed plans when it comes to personal care for the elderly and the disabled. The pledge was for "free care", but the details, which were not published, reveal that people would have to pay to get it!

With that kind of doublespeak, it's no wonder that even their own supporters don't believe them on tax. Shepway residents still haven't forgotten the 39% council tax increase, accompanied by massive service cuts, which our local Lib Dems introduced after winning the local council in 2003. This will serve as a timely reminder, coming only 6 months before we next go to the polls to elect councillors in Shepway, and a warning to people up and down the country who may be considering voting Lib Dem in their council elections.

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