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Monday, October 02, 2006

Speeches from Day One

Yesterday saw some stunning speeches by the prime movers of the Conservative Leadership. David Davis speech was stirring, and it is easy to see how the leadership election could have gone very differently had he delivered such a speech in Blackpool last year. William Hague was up to his usual fantstic standard, bringing the conference hall to its feet and providing a high point for David Cameron to enter the hall.

Senator John McCain was also impressive. He was not a politician with whom I was previously aware of, given that I pay much more attention to local politics than the international scene since becoming a councillor. He would certainly make a fine President and leader of the Free World, as David Cameron said. Certainly a marked improvement on Bush and Clinton!

Finally, Tory leader David Cameron made his opening speech, which built up as it progressed. I'm certainly looking forward to the crescendo on Wednesday after that!

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