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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shearway's still a mess

This evening I counted eight lorries parking without authorisation at Shearway. The signs requesting that they do not park there have been removed, presumably by lorry drivers, as well. In addition to that, most of the street lights in Shearway Road are out. I will ask SEEDA, the owners of the site, to take action. It is likely that Kent Highways will require that these problems be fixed before they will adopt the roads, and until the roads are adopted nothing can be done to prevent the lorries parking there.


Anonymous said...

your so gonna lose your seat, as did the tories lost their cheriton seat in the recent by-election!!! ur seat is natural lib dem country, ha ha good riddence tory boy!

Dan Hassett said...

After almost a decade of "Education, Education, Education" is that the best you can manage?! English certainly doesn't seem to be one of your strengths.

Nor does maths, given that the swing in Cheriton would not be enough for the Lib Dems to regain Morehall.

I doubt that you have much local knowledge either - the Lib Dem who beat me in 2003 and is still my District Councillor has been arrested for fraud, which hasn't helped them much! At the General Election, this was also the joint safest Conservative ward in Shepway.