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Friday, September 29, 2006

Shepway to take over street cleaning

Shepway District Council has announced that it will be taking street cleaning and grounds maintenance back in house at the end of the 2 year contract with Kent County Council next year. The services were originally contracted out back in 2004 in order to cut costs following the disastrous year of Lib Dem rule. Shepway had been capped, the grass was not being cut and the toilets were all shut.

Shepway Council Leader, Robert Bliss, thanked KCC for its assistance. “The arrangement came at a time when Shepway’s budget was under a lot of pressure, public toilets were being closed and the grass o­n highway verges was being left to grow. It was a disaster.

"It is true that we faced problems in the early days following the transfer to Kent but I am fully confident that Shepway Council will be bringing an improving service back in house.”

Cllr Bliss said Shepway Council was now in a more stable position and was seeking to bring street cleaning and grounds maintenance back under the council’s wing in autumn 2007.

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