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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Shearway's Lorry Drivers creating a stink

Once again, Shearway Business Park is experiencing problems with lorry drivers dumping their rubbish all over the site. It's not just food wrappers and such like - it's carrier bags and jars full of human excrement and urine. I have taken up the matter once again. SEEDA, the government agency which owns the land, have previously been of no assistance, but I have tried them once again. I have also reported the matter to Shepway's Environmental Health team and been in touch with Cllr Keith Ferrin, Kent County Council Cabinet member for the Environment and Transport, about dealing with the root of the problem by providing more official lorry parking. Previously, Kent Highways were highly dismissive of Town Councillors' concerns, so I hope that my complaints will be taken more seriously this time around. I understand that KCC is lobbying the government to authorise more parking facilities, but the time has really come where they all have to stop arguing about it and actually do something.

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