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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pensions - one of Labour's great achievements

Today, Tony Blair had a Rocky Ride at his last TUC conference. Against a backdrop of heckling and protest banner waving, the Prime Minister spoke about the Labour government's achievements since winning the 1997 election. In particular, he highlighted Education, the NHS and Pensions.

Anyone wishing to show the government's failure would probably have done the same - although crime and disorder and immigration would also have been high on the list, alongside global agreements on the environment. But just what "progress" has the Blair Administration made on his chosen 3 topics:

  • Tuition fees and top up fees mean that students now graduate with record debts.
  • A Levels have been so discredited that many students opt to take the IB, and universities are launching their own exams.
  • Employers' organisations complain that many graduates lack basic skills in literacy, numeracy and computing.
  • Hospitals across the country are laying of medical staff due to record budget deficits.
  • NHS Dentists have walked out on mass. Cheriton is quite normal in having no NHS dentist.
  • The State Pension age looks set to rise to reduce the Government's crippling pensions deficit.
  • Gordon Brown's £5bn a year smash and grab on pension funds has left many employees with no chance of saving for a decent retirement. Most businesses, like my own employer Saga, have abandoned Final Salary pension schemes for less generous Career Average schemes, exposing the average man and women in the street to the risks posed by rising inflation.

What a legacy Britain's first 2 term Labour government will leave behind.

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