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Monday, September 18, 2006

No Coronation for Ming the Merciless

Following dire opinion polls showing that 51% of Lib Dems believe they made a mistake in choosing their leader, Ming Campbell is doing his best to appear in touch with the real world. The Times reports that he's had a wardrobe makeover, and today he declared himself a huge Corrie fan on BBC Radio 5 Live. Unfortunately, he was unable to name any current character of the Soap, referring instead to his love of Bet Lynch, who left the Street 12 years ago. I understand that senility causes the short term memory to go, while the long term memory remains in tact.

Now things have gone from bad to worse as the Sun reports:

BUMBLING Sir Menzies Campbell's favourite Corrie character last night declared she had never heard of him.

When told that the former Olympian had taken over from Charles Kennedy she asked: "Sir Ming who? What nationality is he? He sounds Chinese."

A Street source said:"The Lib Dems have never been a big political force in Weatherfield - which makes it a fair reflection of the real world as Sir Ming mentioned in his interview."


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