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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ming's gaping hole in the tax layer

Today, Lib Dems approved Ming Campbell's plans to move away from a 50p top rate, which has been the staple Lib Dem policy for years, and replace it with environmental taxes. These would see an average family car like a 1.6l Ford Mondeo taxed at a rate of £850 per year.

Despite this outrageous increase, the plans still don't add up. Lib Dems claim that the aim of the high taxes will be to reduce pollution - but if that admirable aim is actually achieved, they won't get anything like the £7.2bn that their budget requires. So, either they know that the plans won't do anything to improve the environment, but are using the Green issues as a cover for their stealth tax, or they are planning to raise taxes from other areas, yet to be announced.

Either way, it's the usual story of Britain's third party being Liberal with the truth and safe in the knowledge that our Democratic system of government will never give them the opportunity to bring their plans to fruition any way.

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