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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lions Supported by Folkestone Town Council

Folkestone Town Council has agreed to provide Folkestone Lions with £1000 to help with the costs of organising the annual Boxing Day Dip, which raises funds for local good causes and brings the TV cameras to the town. The annual event is usually funded by the local Lions Club. However, this year's Donkey Derby, which is the Lions' main fundraising event, was rained off for the first time ever, leaving the organisation with the bills still to pay.

The Lions have been major fundraisers in the town for years, and have provided immense financial support to local good causes. It seems fitting that the town has been able to repay that debt of gratitude by providing the Lions with this grant. I hope that it will help to ensure that the Donkey Derby and Boxing Day Dip continue to thrive as local events.

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