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Monday, September 25, 2006

Lib Dem sentenced to 2 years

Michael Brown, the Liberal Democrats' biggest backer, has been sentenced to 2 years in prison after being called "dishonest" by the judge. He had given £2.4 million to fund the Lib Dems' election campaign last year under controversial circumstances. As a Spainish resident, he was not allowed to fund political campaigning in the UK. Instead, he formed a business (5th Avenue) with a PO Box address in London and donated to the party through that vehicle. The move is under separate investigation for breaching electoral law, which requires that donations only be accepted from businesses that actively trade in the UK, which 5th Avenue never did.

In a further twist, several businessmen who claim that the money given to the Lib Dems was actually taken from them by Brown fraudulently have threatened to sue the Lib Dems for the return of the money.

Two years for giving money to the Lib Dems seems is a bargain. Residents electing a Lib Dem Council are typically sentenced to 4 years of failure and incompetence.

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