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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Government show contempt for lorry nuisance

Cllr Roland Tolputt has released his annual report to his electors in Folkestone. He has taken the opportunity to highlight the continuing Conservative Campaign for action to deal with the problems of lorries parking at inappropriate sites:

Despite continual lobbying by Kent County Council over the problems of foreign lorries, no progress has been made.

'The Government’s view is that lorry parks are an issue for the private sector,' said Kent County Councillor Roland Tolputt (pictured) in his Summer Report.

Kent originally suggested that all lorries entering the UK should have to purchase a BRITDISK, but this proposal was rejected on the grounds that the EU might not like it!! (The Swiss have a very efficient disk system but are fortunately outside the EU.) More recently, KCC suggested a £20 entry fee with £10 going to the Government and £10 to KCC to finance the provision of lorry parks – but this was also turned down.

The noise of generators, filthy mess at Capel-le-Ferne and Cheriton lay bys and unroadworthy lorries are infuriating for us all , and I long for the day when we are allowed to control our own affairs!

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