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Friday, September 08, 2006

Bobby for Cheriton & Morehall

The Cheriton and Morehall Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) has announced that he is to emigrate. Over the past couple of years he has worked alongside local Community Warden David Harmer and Folkestone Police to tackle anti-social behaviour and local nuisance issues.

However, the good news is that Kent Police look set to not only replace him, but take on a second PCSO and a bobby specifically for Cheriton and Morehall, giving us a team of 4 dedicated crime fighters for our area. Things have come a long way since I first requested that Cheriton and Morehall be given a Community Warden by Kent County Council, soon after I was elected in June 2004. It shows the remarkable effect of people power, following the fantastic attendence at the Cheriton Policing Consultation meeting in Autumn 2004.

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