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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bandwagon Beaumont's at it again

Today, Shepway Lib Dem leader Cllr "Bandwagon" Beaumont is spinning to her usual standard. Apparently Conservative Council Leader Robert Bliss is personally responsible for creating all of Shepway's rubbish. Apparently no one drops the litter in the first place - which begs the question, where does she think it comes from? Sensible councils up and down the country are cracking down on people caught littering, an act which Cllr Beaumont reckons "insults" local people. Surely it's those who drop the litter who insult us all.

The please of spin doctoring is capped off with an old picture of litter in a town centre car park. I checked it out myself today and was hard pushed to find one plastic bottle, which I'm pretty sure Robert Bliss didn't drop. In fact, the town centre looked remarkably clean and tidy, and was testament to how far Shepway has come since the Lib Dems abandoned the district barely 2 years ago.

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