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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Beachborough cleaned up

Following my request, Beachborough Road has been cleaned up to get rid of the mess left by pigeons using the railway bridge. At the same time, Shepway District Council's graffiti busters removed the graffiti from the railway wall in Beachborough Road and Station Road.

Coolinge House D-day due

The decision on whether or not to allow the currently proposed redevelopment of Coolinge House will be made at the Development Control meeting of Shepway District Council on 19th September. Some last minute considerations have prevented the plans from coming before the committee at the 5th September meeting.

I understand that it is likely that officers will be recommending approval, but the final decision will lie with District Councillors - who ignored similar advice last time around.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Conservatives fight to defend back gardens

The Conservative Party has launched a national campaign to save back gardens from Prescott's bulldozers. Under Government Planning Guidance, all gardens are classed as previously developed "brownfield sites". Brownfield sites are the preferred sites for building, making it difficult for councils to refuse permission to build there. Clearly, gardens are not previously developed, and should be protected as virgin land.

The national fight has one very local battlefield in Morehall - the Grade II Listed Coolinge House, which I am campaigning to save from the bulldozers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Christmas comes early for Cheriton

Last night's Finance and General Purposes committee approved ward grants to the Cheriton and Morehall Traders Association towards the costs of providing Christmas festivities. I hope that these funds will help to lure in additional resources from other bodies, such as the lottery, to provide a much more merry Morehall this year around. The plans include Christmas lighting and events to entertain local residents and visitors alike.

Protecting our local traders

Last night's Finance and General Purposes meeting agreed to defer the decision on whether to award a grant to the proposed Folkestone Fish and Farmers market. The project is exciting and I would certainly like to see it succeed. However, I have deep reservations about the morality of using council tax payers' money to subsidise a business which will be competing with existing traders in the town, many of whom offer the same service without subsidy all week long, not just on Sundays. I'm also concerned that the finances in the business plan simply don't stack up.

A representative of the company will be invited to speak to our next meeting, where we will reconsider the application.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Graffiti busted!

The new graffiti busters, operated by local criminals on community service, have been out and about in Morehall. The graffiti at the junction of Shorncliffe Road and Audley Road was removed, after I requested urgent action to tackle the unsightly mess.