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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tontine Street Performing Arts Centre

This evening I attended the Creative Foundation exhibition of the proposed Performing Arts and Business facility at the Dunk site in Tontine Street. The design of the building is very modern, and not particularly to my taste, but there is little architectural merit in the building that would be lost either. The potential benefits of such a facility could be enormous - it will be sound proofed, offering a much more suitable entertainment environment than many of the existing facilities in Tontine Street, providing entertainment space for the arts, cinema and even club nights. It will also offer conference facilities, offering the opportunity to really link Tontine Street in to the town centre business community, providing a renewed connection between the town and its seafront.

These conflicting thoughts will need to be weighed up during the planning process, to ensure that Folkestone maintains its unique charm but doesn't miss out on such a fantastic facility.

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