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Friday, July 21, 2006

Tackling school congestion

Last night I attended an extremely interesting presentation by Action for Communities in Rural Kent's Transport Officer. Despite the organisation's name, his responsibilities now include urban areas like Folkestone, as funding has been transferred from the Countryside Agency to the South Eastern Economic Development Agency - two hopeless and bureaucratic government QUANGOs (Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisations also known as jobs for the boys).

Of particular interest to residents in the area around Morehall Primary and Pent Valley Technology College, was the information I obtained about school transport. All schools are now required to produce transport plans, and I will be doing my best to involve myself in this decision process, with the aim of bringing more walking buses to our area. There seems little point in hundreds of parents driving across the road to take their children to school, and walking buses offer advantages to parents, children and local residents all at once.

Kent County Council is also introducing free bus travel for teenagers, which may help to reduce the number of longer journeys to and from Pent Valley, which will be a welcome relief for residents around Surrenden Road and Harcourt Road, in particular.

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