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Monday, July 17, 2006

Kent Local Board

Tonight's local board meeting, which I attended, included a presentation and questions on the KCC Towards 2010 strategy, which is a very general document which tends to ignore the "how" to deal with problems.

That was followed by a presentation about efforts to help those in need to help themselves. This presentation was most informative. It's amazing to know that 45% of the working-age population in central Folkestone are on living off unemployment, disability or incapacity benefits. The aim is to address this shocking fact and bring people back into the workplace.

Finally, in the open questions section, I asked the County Councillors to take steps to remove Folkestone Harbour from the list of ports protected for the import of aggregates. It's use for shipping building materials was only ever intended as a temporary measure, to cease when the seafront regeneration (which port owner, Roger de Haan, is heavily involved in) became a reality. The land at the harbour is supposed to be available for a passenger ferry service, marina, university lecture hall and up market housing and leisure. Protecting the port for importing stones would scupper these plans and not be in the best interests of Folkestone. Excellent Conservative County Councillor Dick Pascoe (who preceded me as a Morehall Councillor when he was a Lib Dem) promised to urgently investigate and tackle the issue.

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